For studio recordings, Afterbeat uses the same instruments in order to respect the closest tones so particular to the Beatles.

In 1964, the Beatles buy for only £ 42 the famous German Framus 12-string Hootenanny, model 5 / 024. John Lennon used it in particular to record 'Help', 'It's only love', or again 'You've got to hide your love away' for the movie Help.

On August 14, 1965, Paul McCartney made a memorable appearance in playing solo at the TV show of Ed Sullivan 'Yesterday' with a vintage 1964 Epiphone guitar; model FT-79N (N for natural finish). Today, Paul Wood is accompanied by this guitar in titles such as 'Yesterday' and 'Blackbird'.

In the song 'Here comes the sun', Afterbeat uses a Gibson J-200, 1971, the same as the original!

For the recording of 'Run for your life', 'Cannot Buy My Love', 'Girl' and 'Baby's in Black', the use of the Gibson J-160E gives an idea of what this guitar has brought to the 'Beatles'. Other groups and singers have used it extensively in the sixties as it produces this blazingr 'So British'!