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From the origin

The Afterbeat is a musical term which consists to accentuate weak beats (second and fourth time) in a measure in 4 / 4. The Beat is the time of measure or pulsation in music. In the 60s, it then becomes the familiar name of a sort of pop music in the UK.

Latter a few words game

This is to introduce this concept of "Beat" as Beetles (= beetle) was spelled Beatles. Afterbeat is born, through the combination of two words: the group name, Beatles, and the vision of the after-Beatles (After. Beatles).

AfterBeat is Born
August 2003, the story of Afterbeat begins at Liverpool during the Beatles Week. Freddy Hanouna, producer, meet four young musicians, fans, like him, of the famous band The Beatles. After hours of discussions, excitement and common passion, they start dreaming to create a group and to return to this festival, not as spectators but as artists. With hard work and perseverance, the group, baptized Afterbeat, will attend the Beatles Week in 2006.

« In Liverpool, at the end of the concert that we gave at Cavern Back, we stayed to hear the next group. We recognized Spencer Davis' Spencer from the famous "Spencer Davis Group". A little Wink, we shake hands, a small souvenir photo, and while leaving we come across ... Donovan. That's the magic of Liverpool! », Freddy Hanouna.

It is without counting changes of musicians in order to reach perfection. Only the "best and the purest have remained so that AfterBeat becomes today one of the best tribute band of the world!