The Afterbeat group is available to take place within your events: promotional events, product launch, seminar or a corporate anniversary... Afterbeat is an original asset and surprisingly high value added !

With their incredible stage’ faithfulness and musical, Afterbeat offers you the opportunity to offer to the eldest the pleasure of reliving the best moments of the Beatles and for the younger the chance to discover a concert of this legendary band.

From 'Love Me Do "in 1962, to' Let it Be 'in 1970, Afterbeat runs the repertoire of the Fab Four by interpreting their biggest hit songs and that will lead you into the magical universe and captivating of' four boys in the wind '.

Some references : Heineken, Total, Paris Fair, Club Med, Tour de France, Groupe Bolloré, Yacht Club - La Ciotat, Tennis Club de Paris, Caisse d'Epargne, Ferrero ...

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  • La Caisse d’Epargne rassemble ses partenaires autour d’un spectacle Beatles avec AfterBeat.
  • Un son Beatles avec AfterBeat lors d’un diner organisé par Bolloré.
  • AfterBeat et Marilyn font un show à Bordeaux.
  • AfterBeat ouvre les JO de Londres avec son concert au Club France.
  • La Paceman (BMW/Mini) s’offre le Tribute Beatles AfterBeat pour son lancement.