Vincent Harman (John Lennon)
The Band

How do you discover the Beatles ?
I discover the Beatles at the age of 6 thanks to my father who was repeatedly listening to the two albums, the blue and red. My brother and I had the habit to sit in the family living room and to read the lyrics behind the covers !

How that passion begun ?
The more I listened to their songs; the more I took pleasure in listening to the Beatles. Over time, I became a truly passionate.
I then start music, first by playing drums, then by adding my voice, strongly influenced by the work of John Lennon. He is very swiftly my favorite. I then become his look-like in many shows. But, I truly satisfy my passion when I join the group Afterbeat in 2008.

What is your favorite title in the Beatles’ repertoire ?
I do not have a favorite title but the best are undoubtedly in their early albums like 'Please Please Me' or 'With the Beatles'.

You are the only English from the group, have you experienced any difficulties of integration and communication with other members ?
None! Music is our passion for all, it brings us together, and it is our way to communicate. I see Paul, Alain and Hubert much like my 'French brothers' !