Paul Wood (Paul McCartney)
The Band

How did you hear about the Beatles ?
One evening during a car trip, my parents and I listened to a radio show, where we confronted twosingers, that the public elected by plebiscite. On that evening, Georges Brassens faced the Beatles. I did not understand the lyrics but I fell in love under the charm of melodies, voices…

Where does this passion come from?
On my return from vacations, I rushed to the record store to buy a vinyl from the Beatles, “The Beatles First”. Unfortunately, I could not find the songs that I have heard on the radio. Disappointed, I decided to persevere and bought a few months later, the double Red. Then, I acquired the double Blue, then the double White. I then discovered treasures such as Help, I’m Down…

Did you become a musician because of the Beatles ?
Indeed, the Beatles gave me the desire to listen and play music. Paul being my favorite, I naturally chose the bass. I actually learned to play this instrument by deciphering the pieces by “ear”, in front of my record player! At that time, playing the Beatles in France was extremely out of phase seen old-fashioned for the Punk and New Wave Fans. It was therefore necessary for me to go seeking for musician fans, like me, Fab4 for playing. A few years later, I integrated a Tribute Band...

What is your favorite title of the Beatles ?
I love them all. However, if I had to listen to only one, it would be Hey Jude: I am crazy of the last one!