Hubert de Candolle (George Harrison)
The Band

How did you hear about the Beatles ?
At 9 years old, I listen for the first time to the Beatles with my older brother who brings back home 45 records - we are in 1965. At that time, I listened to hits like 'Paperback Writer', 'Drive my car', 'Day Tripper'. I even went to see the movie HELP when released at movie theaters in Paris !

Where does this passion come from ?
I was instantly captivated by their music, their look and by their Rickenbacker guitars. In 1966, I ask my parents to offer me a guitar for Christmas: MY first electric Welson guitar! The passion since then for the Beatles has never left me and I learned to play and sing by listening to them without weariness. To me, they still remain today a model to follow and a source of inexhaustible inspiration.

What is your musical background ?
At the age of 15, I create my first band, Sing-Sing. At 17, we make our first staging. At 25, we sign our first contract with EMI and Pathé Marconi and compose in particular generic music for television and film. In 2005, still fascinated by the music of the Beatles, Freddy Hanouna offers me to take the role of George Harrison within his Afterbeat group. I do not hesitate a second and join the group !

What is your favorite title from the Beatles ?
In fact, I prefer to quote the only title I do not like. This is 'Do not pass me by' sung by Ringo found on the White Album.