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A remarkable group with great attention to details

Wearing the famous Chesterfield, the 4 members of the group Afterbeat make on each of their appearances, an amazing and touching show on stage. They play more than one hundred pieces to the closest details, from 'She Loves You' to 'Let it Be' through 'Yesterday' or 'Hey Jude'.

For this, Harman Vincent (John), Paul Wood (Paul), Hubert De Candolle (George) and Alain-Bidot Naude (Ringo) have had to analyze each piece, find the right harmonies and look for instruments from that period. This is in possession of Rickenbacker guitars, Epiphone and Gretsch, Hofner bass, drums Ludwig, Vox amps (AC30, T-60 ...) qu’AfterBeat reproduces identical tones so particulars to this legendary group and reproduces the emotion that filled halls!


Group members :